Sopolish Discover Pack

Ref 29462

ProNails SoPolish Discover Pack contains every product you’ll need to conduct a perfect semi-permanent manicure!  

Discover the N°1 semi-permanent products!  

  • Sopolish Cleanse - Sopolish Easy-Peel - Sopolish Easy-Soak - Sopolish Structure Base 
  • 2 Sopolish Colours & Sopolish Shine 
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Sopolish is the N°1 semi-permanent treatment. The mani- or pedicure lasts for at least 14 days and is suitable for all nail types without harming the natural nail.   

ProNails Sopolish Discover Pack contains every product you’ll need to conduct a perfect semi-permanent manicure! Want to know more about this semi-permanent treatment? Contact us via or contact your local distributor.

  • Semi-permanent manicure that lasts at least 14 days
  • Protects the natural nail
  • Easy application and removal (peel-off or soak-off) without nail damage
  • Pack contains everything you need for a perfect semi-permanent manicure

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