Men Are Cute - Special Cuticle Care 4.5 ml

Ref 27728

Handy pen to moisturize cuticles.  

Healthy cuticles for healthy hands! 

  • Nourishing cuticle treatment stick  
  • Relaunches cell production and helps skin regeneration 
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This oil heals the skin and improves its elasticity.  

  • Nourishes cuticles
  • Helps skin regeneration
  • Relaunches cell production
  • Heals cuticles

ProNails Men Are Cute Special Cuticle Care has the remarkable ability to nourish, moisturize, heal and improve skin elasticity which makes it effectively treat dry skin.

Use the Cuticle Care Pen on cuticles and the area around the nails. Replace the tip if necessary with the replacement tips provided with the pen.


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