Nourishing Foot Mask Socks 60 pcs

Ref 71406

What better end-of-year gift than a personalized ProNails Holiday stocking?
  • A foot mask in the shape of a Christmas sock! Available in 3 fun designs!
  • Each box contains 60 pieces, 20 of each design. Each sock can be used 1x

The Olive Oil Nourishing Foot Mask is packed with natural vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that help repair and hydrate the skin and improve its elasticity. With the trendy panther pattern your feet will still looking stylish. The extra layer of fabric in the soft touch plastic sock gives a luxurious feeling.

Make your salon Christmas proof and hang these socks everywhere, decorate your window or Christmas tree with them, and most of all, give them as a gift to your loyal customers.

Each foot mask comes with a ribbon and card, so you can personalize it!


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