Gellak 348 Red Kite 10 ml

Ref 29863

Gel de cor muito pigmentado que dá uma cobertura perfeita, permite poupar tempo e é fácil de aplicar.

O gel de cor LED preferido das profissionais de unhas.

  • Gel LED/UV que poupa tempo
  • Gel de cor altamente pigmentado
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O gel de cor Gellak está disponível em mais de 200 cores fenomenais. As cores permanecem perfeitas e não desvanecem até à próxima manutenção.

The N°1 colour gel for professionals.

Life is all about colour! And when it comes to nails, the colour just needs to be impeccable! For perfectly coloured gel nails there is only one option: ProNails Gellak, the best colour gel on the market! Gellak stands for perfect coverage, quick and easy application and it’s available in more than 200 trendy and must-have colours.

The ProNails Gellak Colours spread out easily and evenly, they do not run into the cuticles, are thin and contain a large amount of pigments. They cure very fast, in just 30 seconds FULL in the Smart Light. There is no sticky layer after curing and no filing required at all. Long-lasting durability is ensured until the next refill.


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